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TOUR.EAST Monthly is the magazine for a wide circle of readers; digest of the most actual information and events in the Russian Far East, Primorye region and its main city Vladivostok. It compiles the most interesting matters in tourism and active vacation, nature and people, business, culture and art events and is aimed at covering sports, culture and ecological life sides.


Our readers - tourists and businessmen from different parts of Russia, people who lives in Primorye or visits it those who are fond of outdoor activity. Colorful illustrations and professionally selected articles show the possibilities of traditional and ecological tourism in the region. We currently extend our Nature of Primorye column.

Present Primorye combines modern cities with developed infrastructure and huge territories occupied with national parks and sea reserves. Primorye is a unique region where you can enjoy city comfort and ecological tourism. This original part of our planet placed on Pacific shore marks the place where North meets South and Land encounters Sea.

Technical information - TOUR.EAST Periodical

Circulation: 5 000 numbers.
Size: A4+ (230 x 300 mm.), 44 pages., full-color printing.
Publisher: OOO ASTYLO, Russia, Vladivostok.
Magazine output: 6 numbers each year, every two months.

In this year magazine appearance 25 February and 29 April.
Next numbers appears 25 June and 25 August 2007.

TOUR.EAST pages supply with the complete information of hotel, restaurant and resort resources and advise you of the best scenario of your vacation. Magazine articles help you to chose the right place for camping and buying fishing tackle, to find the right hotel apartments with an oceanic view and to select the right restaurant with exotic cuisine. TOUR.EAST is the perfect guide for the guests and citizens of Primorye.
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